Outer Banks Special!  $500.00 off any package if you’re getting married on the Outer Banks!

Included in all packages:

- All packages are produced in stunning Hi-Definition using Sony’s latest 4K cameras.  For most events we don’t even need aditional lighting as our new cameras for this year are extremely sensitive in low light conditions and are able to capture the natural ambiance of the room. 

- All packages include both a full length movie running about an hour in length and a shorter 4 - 6 minute highlight film called “the recap.”  The recap will go online the week following your wedding for you to share with your family and friends. 

- Flexible editing.  We realize that everyone has their own idea as to the perfect length for a wedding video.  Some couples prefer to have a shorter 30 minute film, but most couples coming in seem to settle in on a video around an hour to an hour and a half in length to cram as many memories as possible into the full length film.  When you meet with Mike, you’ll figure out what type of video is exactly your style and we’ll be more than happy to make a film for your specific needs. 

- 3 copies of the edited video.   It's your choice of digital delivery, BluRay or DVD for each of the 3 copies at no extra charge.

-Permanent storage backup.  From the minute we get footage back to the studio, it gets backed up on our harddrives and never erased.  Both your raw footage and edited version of the video will always be available should something ever happen to your copies of the video.  

Gold Package:  $2,495.00

     The Gold Package is a very popular package.  This inculdes coverage starting at either “ the reveal” if you’re seeing each other prior to the ceremony, or when the guys arrive at church if you’re first look will be while walking down the isle.   Special effects and color correction are added to enhance the look of certain scenes, and the fast cuts in between shots during the dance sections at the reception will keep you coming back to watch time and time again.  You’ll relive the entire wedding day with the full length edited video that typically runs about an hour and fifteen minutes in length.   Also included in the Gold Package is the Recap. The recap is a short highlight clip that will go online to share with family and friends.  

Platinum Package:  $2,995.00

     The Platinum Package has quickly become our most popular package.  It includes the same items as the Gold Package with the addition of a second (un-manned) camera set up at specific points in the day to catch a different angle of the action from the main camera.  This is great for catching that second angle at the ceremony and during the bridal party entrance into the reception.  The footage from the second camera is then used to compliment the main camera that Mike will be operating.  New for the Platinum Package in 2017 is the addition of the “Getting Ready” add-on.  Mike will start with the bride about 1/2 to an hour before the photographer arrives at the location where the bride will be getting dressed and stay all the way until the end of the reception.  

Infinite Package:  $4,495.00

     The Infinite Package adds a second camera operator for the duration of the day.  We don't hire just anyone to shoot for us, so be sure to let us know if you're interested in the Infinite Package so we can check and see if one of our tried and true videographers are available to be there along side Mike on the big day.

Extra Copies :  

Blu-Ray $40.00  

DVD: $30.00

Raw Footage:  $295.00

Raw footage will be placed onto your choice of Blu-Ray or DVD with Chapters and Menus just like your edited version.

Extended Recap:  $295.00

The extended recap is a great option for couples looking to share even more memories of their wedding day with friends.  Couples that choose the extended recap will be able to have the choice of two songs for the recap clip which will allow for more special moments to be incoprated in everyone’s favorite part of the video.  

Need some ideas for music selections?  Click here to see what some of our past couples have chosen.



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