About Infinite Video


    Its’ official!  Infinite Video Productions is opened for business on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!  We will also still be serving our loyal customers in the New York area as well.  

      Infinite Video productions is owned and operated by Mike Burns.  He'll be there for you from the first phone call or email, to the wedding day, all the way until the BluRays get burned.  

      First off, just a little about Mike.  Mike Burns started his first job in television working as a camera operator for NEWS 12 at only 19 years of age during his first year in college.  From there he became well established in the television industry working on many talk shows, gameshows and commercials.   Then in 2001 Mike started Infinite Video Productions to have more creative freedom than a typical camera operator has in the world of TV and film.   As Infinite Video grew, Mike slowly got out of the TV / commercial world and weddings are now 100% of his focus.  His belief is that a company is only as good as the last product it made, so he gives 110% and delivers more than the clients expect.  

    At Infinite Video Productions, the quality of work is at the utmost importance.  For that reason, you will see that we have the latest cameras and editing software available.  There is no cutting corners on equipment around here. 

    When Mike shoot's you won't even know he's there unless he wants you to know it!   We pride ourselves in being very discrete while still being able to capture the most precious of moments.  Thanks to our cutting edge cameras and lenses, very rarely are lights of any kind used throughout the entire day.  Even a dark reception hall no longer requires bright lights.   This also lets the real ambiance of the day shine through in the final product.

 We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!




© Michael Burns 2014